UPDATED: 7 Best Waterproof Drones 2019 – Waterproof Quadcopters!


  • Quick List of Best Waterproof Drones 2019
  • 1. Dash Drone 3 Auto 4K
  • 2. GP Toys NextX H2O Aviax Drone
  • a few. Parrot Hydrofoil MiniDrone – New Z
  • 4. Goolsky Q353 Triphibian
  • 5. JJRC H31
  • 6. QUADH2O
  • seven. ProDrone PD4-AW

Whether or not you’ re an experienced drone hobbyist, new to be able to the flight arena or a grandparent wishing to purchase the child his first RADIO CONTROLLED flying device, considering a waterproof drone is a fantastic idea.

Typically the waterproof features on the particular models below allow independence of flight beyond fields and backyards to rivers, oceans and lakes. You can also get amazing underwater shots, and the fun do not need to end if it starts to mix.

Here´s the thing:

The selection regarding drones that can manage water is still very small.

Nevertheless ,

we   found some Really Cool Water-Resistant Drones in diverse price classes  .

Check out the reviews of water proof quadcopters below or click on one inside our quick listing to check the purchase price.

Fast List of Best Waterproof Drones 2019

  • Best Pro Choice – Sprinkle Drone 3 Fisherman together with Camera
  • Goolsky IDEAFLY Poseidon-480
  • Goolsky Q353 Triphibian Quadcopter
  • Parrot Hydrofoil
  • JJRC H31 Waterproof Drone
  • QuadH20
  • ProDrone PD4-AW Quadcopter

one Splash Drone a few Auto 4K

Camera: Waterproof 4K digicam included
Includes 2 axis gimbal
Range: 0. 6 miles (1 km)
Flight time: around 16 min
Weight 2380 gr

The Splash Drone 3 Automobile is the latest variation in the Splash Drone. That can float on normal water, fly in rain, terrain on water and search on the water.

Follow Me personally

The Splash Drone also provides follow me functionality, which often makes it an excellent camera drone choice with regard to snorkling and diviing etc, like surfing, kite boarding, and water snowboarding. The waterproof camera shoots 4K under water.

Additional Angling and Lifesaver Module

This drone offers an additional 1 kg payload release module, of which can be used with regard to fishing or water rescue. You can use that to cast a trap in the ocean, or perhaps even lift up small fish.

Typically the Splash drone can also deliver an immediately inflating life preserver to be able to swimmers .

I suspect this module has to be obtained being an add on. I actually is not really certain about that.

Gimbal Included

The Splash Drone Auto comes with a new 2 axis waterproof gimbal for stable camera plus video shots with the 4K camera.

Skim this quadcoptor above water for great under the sea footage with your water-proof camera attached to typically the gimbal for vivid shots.

FPV Controller

You get live video feed and real time data on the new all-in-one controller.

Down load the app for android os devices for more control options. Comes with a “ return to home” function to prevent loss throughout malfunction.

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2. DOCTOR Toys NextX H2O Aviax Drone

Camera not included
Range: 320 foot (100 m)
Flight period: 6-8 min
Weight 1. 6 pounds
Dimensions: 9. a couple of x 9. 2 times 5. 7 inches

This is a great little basic drone for water or even land.

With up to 20 centimeters of diving, waterproof energy, this drone makes a perfect starter choice and lots of enjoyable if you want to be able to get underwater footage.

On-board colorful LED lights makes night routes and underwater glow really nice.

The particular LCD transmitter displays battery pack life, speed and some other flight data.

It is recommended to avoid flying upon extremely windy days, as it is a pretty small quadcopter.

It can do a new 360 degree flip, has cruise control and headless mode.

62 minutes for charge time (after a 30 second cool-down period recommended by the manufacturer.

The drone is about the size of a supper plate and can be controlled from over 3 hundred feet away. It offers dependable customer service that will reply to questions or issues within 24 hours.

3. Parrot Hydrofoil MiniDrone – New Z

VGA mini digicam (480X640) included
Range: sixty five feet (20 m)
Flight period: 7 min
Weight 7. 6 ounces
Dimensions: 13. 38 x 12. 6th x 5. 52 in .

This particular mini drone requires zero FAA registration, so travel away!

It’ s designed for freshwater use and can reach speeds up to 6 mph on the water and 11 mph in the particular air.

A person can download the FreeFlight app from Google Perform to access more tricks and maneuvers.

Take aeriel photos in the course of the drone’ s flight with the embedded digital camera.

The shock resistant design allows this particular model to hover above water or fly more than land or indoors.

Control the system from about twenty metres away. This style will be controlled by the FreeFlight app, which is kept up-to-date simply by the company. 25 moments for charge time.

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4. Goolsky Q353 Triphibian


Air water and ground mode
completely waterproof
No camera integrated
Flight time 6-7 min
Range 150 m

The Goolsky Q353 is a pretty great and unique toy drone. You can sail it on the water, such as a silly-looking car, and take off together with ease. You can actually let it operate on land.

The Goolsky Q353 is completely water-resistant. You can dump this on its head inside the water, and that will float back up.

It provides one key return in order to home, and come with a remote control that will give you the information you require.

Sure, it is just a toy drone, yet it the way you can change between water, land and air makes it very unique.

Very low range of 150 yards, and will stay up in the air for approximately 6-7 minutes.

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5. JJRC H31

360-degrees Flip
No camera included
Flight moment 8-10 min
Range 70-80 m

This is a fantastic drone for beginners. It is very durable, and keeps flying even when you have a hit.

The drone will be also surprisingly fast and moves very well. That flies smooth and is usually very easy to fly.

It can take flight around 80 meters high. Because of its size, it does not fly very well in blowy, gusty, squally, bracing, turbulent conditions.

JJRC H31 can do 360 flips.

I might call this a sports activity quadcopter, and it will be quite maneuverable.

Excellent pretty standard JJRC transmitter, along with an one key come back.

Although this is water resistant, an individual probably should not terrain it in the normal water if can be prevented. There are some slots in the design.

All in almost all this is a very cool sporty waterproof quadcopter. It flies fast, and is a great selection for novices, and you can keep flying over drinking water or even if that rains.

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The QUADH2O will set you back around $2800 with regard to the ready to fly variant, but you obtain a drone that will property on water and shoot great videos.

It has an integrated FPV mini camera, but you can also make use of your favorite action camera, such as GoPro Hero three or more, 3+ or 4.

It can reach speeds of upwards to 45 mph and it has GPS positioning.

You get FPV to the controller and typically the 7″ color monitor.

There is an optional waterproof gimbal that you can acquire. This will reduce typically the flight time though, to around 7 or 8 mins from the normal 12 minutes.


7. ProDrone PD4-AW

PRODRONE is usually a Japanese drone maker, that has developed the pretty wide range regarding commercial drones.

Their ProDrone PD4-AW is a quadcopter of which can make water surface landings. It has a new payload of 3. 5 lbs.

The quadcopter is waterproof and in a position of amphibious landing.

You can really connect a cable in order to the quadcopter which can keep it flying to have an unlimited time.

You can customize this for laying cables in addition to land surveying.

They dont seem in order to have a shop in addition to obviously target businesses a lot more than consumers with their drones. For more info check out their own website.