The PowerRay – An Underwater Drone for Fishing


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The same company that brought us the PowerEgg has a new advancement to share, the PowerRay . As opposed to the PowerEgg, the PowerRay will not take in order to the skies, it is usually an underwater drone regarding fishing.

It is about equipped with a 4K camera that connects via WiFi or Bluetooth to be able to your iOS or Android os device. It may also take 13 MP photos. You could stream live for your device in 1080P.


The particular underwater fishing drone may dive 30 meters deep, and has a long lasting battery-life of four hours. It also has a fishfinder sonar, it could detect fish 40 meters below and the rhyme even has a seafood lure to draw the species of fish.

The PowerRay is also capable of providing your bait to exactly where you want this having an addon.

Using the PowerRay, PowerVision is attempting to reform fishing as we know it, and you can even control the PowerRay with VR googles. These goggles have gesture based navigation. making the fishing drone respond to brain movements and move accordingly.

The fishfinder can also be utilized alone to get info about the underwater panorama, temperature and fish. Almost everything will be available via the app, and you can furthermore get fish alerts.

The PowerRay is usually expected to start shipping in February 2017, yet the price has yet to be revealed.

The PowerEgg

The PowerEgg also by PowerVision Robot has to our knowledge not been introduced yet, although it was set for release past due in 2016. Hopefully they will can keep the release day of the PowerRay, and I hope the Egg cell will be released at about the same time.

Flying Fishing Drones vs. Underwater Fishing Drones

There are some other drones that can be applied for fishing, such as the Mariner2 and the Aero kontiki.

Fishing using a flying drone has serious limitations though, the flight time being the the majority of limiting one, most individual and prosumer drones can only fly for around twenty minutes, with the exclusion of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro which will keep going for 35 minutes.

Actually so it is constraining when you are trying to fish, even so the PowerRay fishing drone can keep going for 4 hours, which often should be plenty regarding most fishing uses.

You also have the fishfinder sonar of which you can use to find the fish, plus a glowing lure that will attract the fish for the drone.

You are able to however scan the terrain better with a traveling drone, and flying drones may be used to deliver lifesaver products.

Drones for Fishing you Could Buy Now

The SwellPro Splash Auto (Mariner2) is one drone for fishing that is shipping right now. It works with GoPro cameras, offers a range of 1k and the flight time of 20 mins. The Mariner2 can end up being used to cast baits this means you will even be applied to deliver inflatable redemptions of their previous lives.

The Aero Kontiki is in an alternative price range, in typically the $4000 range, and therefore seem to target even more commercial interests, or wealthy hobby fishermen. It could deliver a baited line 1km and it will go back to the beach alone.

Whatever your look of fishing, the upcoming looks interesting.