The Dronebrella: Dumb Idea or Dumbest Idea?


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Drones are exciting and cool, we get it. That does not necessarily mean anything you mix with a drone also automatically gets exciting and cool. Even if your new drone-thing is exciting and cool, it doesn’ t suggest it’ s a very good idea. Just consider drones with handguns and flamethrowers as an example.

So I was really bemused to find out information of a Japanese inventor who decided what we all really needed was a Dronebrella: the unholy marriage of drone and umbrella.

Hat’ h off to the guy for getting that poor drone to fly having a quitasol glued to its top, but there are the number of problems I actually foresee.

Other People

For this to be effective, it has to fly low enough to include you. That means it may be bumping into other folks with parasols and snagging on all sorts of things. So you could really only use this in an open area like a field in addition to not likely on a seashore or sidewalk.


Congratulations, you’ ve hooked a parachute to your drone. “ Cya, bye drone! ” a person yell as a lighting gust of wind hurls it over the distance. You’ ll notice none of the videos display it flying outside, which often is generally where you’ d want to use a parasol.

The Noise

Sorry, exactly what? WHAT? WHAAT?

The Haircut

Seriously, you can’ t fly that inches more than someone’ s head.

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