Staaker Preview – The Norwegian Auto-Follow Drone


  • 5 Flight Modes
  • Works together GoPro
  • Tracker Control

Image offered by Staaker Company USA Inc

There is a new drone coming to the market for drones stated in this article you, The Staaker .

The Staaker is, such as the AirDog, a pure auto-follow jingle, designed for sports plus extreme sports.

The Staaker is waterproof, meaning you can take flight it in rain or snow. The remote is waterproof, but the drone itself is not.

The drone will be also very fast, flying in 8 0 kph or 50 mph.

The Staaker is foldable, and matches nicely into a backpack. It weights only 1. 6 kg.

Presently there will be no assembly required, and they assure you can have it upward and shooting video in 30 seconds.

5 Flight Modes

It will have got 5 flight modes that will you can use whilst shooting video:

Follow : Wherever Staaker will follow you from behind. You can adjust the height and the distance from the Staakers tracker.

Circle : Where Staaker will circle around an individual shooting video.

Compass : Staaker will follow through a direction that you arranged, keeping the backgorund repaired.

Hover : The position of the drone will be set, but the camera will certainly turn and follow an individual. Ideal for jumps in addition to tricks.

Scenery : Manual manage of the Staaker making use of the tracker as handle.

Image provided by Staaker Company USA Inc

Works with GoPro

The drone will end up being compatible with GoPro Main character 3, 3+, four and 5 Black.

The point that it is compatible with GoPro Hero 5 is a big plus, as not really many drones have of which capability. In fact the particular only drone I could think of that is usually appropriate for GoPro Hero a few may be the GoPro Karma.

The camera will be stabilized by a 3-axis gimbal.

Tracker Manage

The transmission range will be 500 m and weighs about only 85 grams.

You can use it to completely handle the drone in the particular Scenery mode, or employ it to adjust level, angle and distance inside other modes.

When you are working low on battery, the tracker will alert you with sounds.

The controller is water-resistant, making it ideal regarding watersports like surfing and waterskiing.


Staaker is portable, foldable, in addition to fits into a back pack. Image supplied by Staaker Company UNITED STATES Inc

We questioned Halvor Langhoff from the staff behind Staaker a few of questions:
Can the Staaker automatically follow uphill or all downhill in altitude? (Will this follow a downhill skiier down in altitude, and will it follow a good uphill rider up within altitude)

Yes, it follows an individual uphill. The tracker feelings your altitude all the time in addition to the drone adjust in accordance with your change automatically.

Can you adjust altitude with the particular tracker?

Yes, both buttons about front (arrow up/arrow down).

Why did you choose to create a great auto-follow drone? Does it have anything to do with Norways snow sport options and nature?

Yes, you are correct. The theory came coming from one of the founding fathers was out backcountry snow skiing in Norway and typically the gopro footage didnt demonstrate how good the vacation actually was. So he or she came up with the particular idea to make a drone that will would be easy to carry and did every thing for you.

Staaker will be manufactured in Scandinavia , to ensue complete top quality control.

It will be released 15th of may 2017 , however you can preorder it here .