ACA ends the ability of insurance companies to
deny covergae to peple with pre-existing conditions, to deop people once they aqcuire a costly illness, or to apply annual and lifetime caps on coverage

health promotion and wellness, disease prevention, chronic care management
-ACA replete with opportunities to test models of care that already hold promise for improving health outcomes and lowering health care costs. Center for M/M innovations and other pilot programs and demonstration projects will test and develop ideas ranging from transitional care to nurse managed centers, both which have been innovations led by and using nurses
-Medical or health homes
-community based health centers will be expanded in areas where there are health care provider shortages (RNs) and APRNs will staff these) – emphasis on primary care will increase demand for NPs
-payment reforms include piloting bundled payments and care coordination through “accountable care organizations”
-independence at home models to keep older adults healthy and functioning in own homes

Medical homes are
single provider or health teams that take responsibility for coordinating all of the care for patient it serves, whether this entails educating and coaching pts to better manage chronic ellness or ensuring that specialty care is provided and consistent with patients’ needs or providing transitional care from hospital to home
Nurses and social workers are the people who are and will be doing most of this care coordination