Pathophysiology Hypertension

Hypertension definition
condition in which arterial BP is chronically elevated
-can be essential (no identifiable cause) or secondary (identifiable cause)
-risk factor for heart disease, heart failure, aneurysms, stroke, PVD, chronic renal failure
-HTN is considered to present when BP is 140/90
-remains asymptomatic until late but still causes problems

Who HTN effects
18% of Americans: 160/95
about twice as common in black population
risk increases with age
in patients younger than 50, many more males than females have HTN
60 million people in North America

consequences of HTN
-greatly accelerates atherosclerosis and damage to the heart (CHF)
-can lead to macrovascular arterial damage, microvascular changes, heart attacks, ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke in the brain, renal failure
3 usual causes of death: heart failure, stroke, kidney failure