nursing power components

Aware of self and surroundings
A. Level of consciousness (alert, lethargic, etc.).

B. Orientation (person, place, time).

Physical energy to carry out self-care actions
A. Is the energy sufficient?

(1) Pulse increases during activity.

(2) Respiration increases during activity.

(3) Verbalizes lethargy or tiredness.

(4) Motor activity level (slowed versus

(5) Are there factors that interfere with
available energy?

(a) Adequate sleep
(b) Adequate nutrition
(c) Weight
(d) Mental state
(e) Growth spurts
(f) Surgery/hospitalization/

B. Prioritizes use of energy for self-care.

C. Limits use of energy to prevent injury or

Ability to control body position and movements
A. Adequacy of gross and fine motor skills.

B. Full or limited active/passive range of motion.

C. Verbalizes ability to perform self-care job/
recreational skills.