Nursing Entrance Exam Kaplan: Math

Comparing Fractions
Multiply Numerator of first fraction by denominator of second. Multiply numerator of second fractions by denominator of first. Product that is greater is the larger fraction. (i.e 2/5 and 5/8. 2×8=16, 5×5= 25, 5/8 is greater then 2/5)

Converting Fractions to Decimals
Divide numerator by denominator (i.e 8/25= 0.32)

Converting Decimal to Fraction
Place number over 1 (i.e 0.3= 0.3/1) Then move decimal to the farthest right of number and add as many zeros to the denominator as places decimal point has been moved (i.e 0.3/1= 3/10, .68= .68/1=68/100)