MUNSON 9: Distributing Health Care

The uninsured
Two kinds of medicine: one for the rich, the other for the poor
Actually four kinds, at least:
for the rich
for people with decent insurance
for the very poor (Medicaid)
for those who don’t have insurance and don’t have Medicaid: worst off

NHIS: Health Insurance 2010
Lack of insurance = needless deaths
“The Census Bureau’s official estimate that 48.6 million Americans lacked health insurance in 2011 means approximately 48,000 people died needlessly last year because they couldn’t get access to timely and appropriate care, a health policy expert said today.”

Drug costs:
manufacturers argue that it’s expensive to produce new and effective drugs, but consumer advertising for more expensive drugs is a large factor.
Competitive limits on managed care: insurers cannot dictate to providers.
Advanced technology: more service available, and demanded.
Improved therapies: now possible to treat conditions that would not have been treatable before.