GoPro to Launch Consumer Drones in 2015?

Credit: Tom Hart and flickr. com/photos/thart2009/12391841553

GoPro , the business well-known for its little video cameras utilized by filmmakers and people keen about extreme sports worldwide, has exciting plans on broadening its business.

According in order to a Wall Street Journal report , the business has announced its plans to launch industrial drones late in 2015.

GoPro is currently building multirotor personal drones that may cost approximately between 500 and one, 000 dollars and that will have the possible to revolutionize the industry of aerial photography . The organization will certainly equip the drones with high-definition cameras that provide high quality footage.

While the fresh GoPro announcement is undoubtedly going to reshape the industry of commercial drones, the current players about the market also needs to become taken in consideration.

GoPro’s Competition

Several influential companies are currently producing commercial unmanned automobiles and therefore are using GoPro’s actions cameras.

What makes GoPro’s cameras unmatched in the business of commercial flying vehicles is the reality that they are light-weight.

The small size and excess weight in the cameras allows for easy mounting on the drones.

The Chinese business DJI that currently makes the highest revenues one of the drone makers, for example, already takes advantage regarding the GoPro’s video systems. The company manufactures quadracopters that have a mount for any GoPro camera. The firm, however, has recently started to use integrated DJI cameras.

Apart from DJI, GoPro is going to be able to have other strong competitors as well. This year, ” cable ” magazine editor-in-chief Chris Anderson wrote about the great potential of commercial drones. After he retired through the media, Anderson established his own company 3D Robotics . The firm has since after that become one of the particular major drone makers plus has also used GoPro technology.

In addition to DJI and 3D Robotics, Parrot is also a new prospering developer that distinguishes itself from other businesses by producing affordable 300-dollar aerial vehicles.

The particular Strengths of GoPro’s Job

GoPro will unquestionably face competition upon entering the field of drone manufacturing but the company has advantages which should not be glossed over.

It possesses a large and loyal customer foundation of sports fans plus stunt performers that would certainly probably be tempted to be able to purchase their first drone from them.

The Wall structure Street Journal report will not specify whether GoPro is planning to create new products specifically adjusted with regard to drones or use their existing cameras. Introducing fresh cameras, especially for unmanned aircraft, might prove to be a successful move in towards GoPro’s objective of increasing customer attention.

The company has already been making a lot of excitement since the announcement of its plans to begin manufacturing drones. They have also been attempting to be able to create a large press network by relying about its solid customer base.

The move towards drone manufacturing makes a lots of feeling since many of GoPro’s cameras are already becoming used for aerial pictures and filming.

The future will ultimately inform whether GoPro is going to flourish in its brand new venture but chances are high that the rhyme industry will soon pleasant another influential player.