GoPro Announces the Launch of a Virtual Reality Film Kit Drones


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Credit: superidoljp / flickr. com/photos/superidoljp/15192822858/

This comes as no surprise that GoPro is intending to be able to conquer new realms of profit. In fact, a number of people have been asking just what took the company thus long to start producing its own line regarding drones.

The particular planned release of typically the first GoPro quadcopter drone is set for the first fifty percent of 2016 , company reps have announced.

“Quadcopters have a new special place for us at GoPro because I used to be a huge radio-controlled plane lover as a kid, ” company CEO Nick Woodman said at the Program code Conference in California. He or she went on to describe the new products as typically the ultimate accessory for GoPro’s action cameras.

The drone will become built for the purpose of holding the GoPro cameras. Based to an official announcement, these will also stay compatible with other jingle varieties.

The global drone market is usually projected to be a single of the fastest increasing segments in electronics. Simply last year, the market’s volume reached 84 , 000, 000 dollars. Analysts predict that will it will expand to be able to 300 million dollars simply by 2018 and one billion dollars dollars by 2020.


Ever considering that GoPro was founded back in 2002, it offers obtained massive popularity among sports activities lovers and professionals across the world. With a stock industry value totaling 7. a few billion dollars and sales estimated at 1. 39 billion dollars for 2014, it seems that GoPro is one of the particular strongest players in neuro-scientific consumer electronics.

The jingle market is extremely rewarding and attractive because most are just making their 1st steps in this innovative field. It was practically nothing but natural to get a large like GoPro to exhibit the interest in the discipline.

China’s DJI may be the current leader but several smaller competitors are quickly catching up to speed – Parrot and Ehang are just two examples.

Virtual Reality Prototypes

The company’s plans extend even further, because Nick Woodman presented a brand new prototype of the camera rid. It is effective at fitting six digital cameras, each facing in a different direction in order to create an unique 360-degree encounter .

The particular French startup Color was acquired by GoPro in addition to its technology of seamlessly blending picture and movie content has been integrated in the virtual fact (VR) system.

The virtuelle realität content developed can easily be looked at through the VR helmets already available through Search engines. Alternatively, customers may chose to simply share typically the content on various sociable networks. Facebook, YouTube and all other services are set upon providing the necessary footage compatibility.


Woodman, would not show virtually any signs of concern regarding the launch of the 360-degree system.
“For VR to be interesting to non-gamers, it is going to need content, photo and movie content, ” he mentioned.

The VR tools are certainly revolutionary but analysts deem them to be suitable only to get a small group associated with connoisseurs because of the serious price. Allegedly, the six digital camera virtual reality kit will be available at a new starting price of around 3, 000 dollars.