Gender in Society Exam 2

The G-Spot and Other Mysteries
-Elisabeth O.Burgess and Amy Palder
-Question reality of the G-spot and orgasmic potential
-Evidence is reviewed that supports and refutes the G-spot claims
-Implications of research on female ejacualtion

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Why Can’t We Stop Circumcising Boys?
-Robert Darby
-Questions why circumcision still happens in the U.S.
-its been abandoned by the culture of origin
-Not popular internationally
-Practice came from the Victorian concerns about teen sexuality and masturbation
-Varying rates based on region, ethnicity, and education
-Dispels assumptions about hygiene and STI transmission
-Exposes practice as profitable and problematic social norm

The Politics of Acculturation: Female Genital Cutting
-Lisa Wade
-2 broad perspectives on female genital cutting (FGC)
–>Dynamic and reified models
-Dynamic model- culture is seen as adaptive and changeable over time
-Reified model- culture is stable and unchanging with members being seen as “cultural bound” and “backwards”
-Harborview Medical Center Case- Medical alternative for FGC proposed after moms requested female circumcision (eventually abandoned tho at first approved by physicians)
-Physicians took dynamic approach
-Oppositions to the proposal took the reified approach