Four of the Best Hexacopters 2019 (Better Than Quads?)


  • Hexacopter vs Quadcopter: The good qualities
  • The Cons of Owning a Hexacopter Over a Quadcopter
  • So , Who Should Purchase a Hexacopter?
  • Best Hexacopter for the Money: Yuneec Typhoon H
  • DJI Spreading Wings 900
  • DJI Matrice 600 Pro
  • Best Hexacopter for Beginners: COOCHEER MJX X800
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The simple quadcopter, with its four brake discs and distinct buzzing audio, has become synonymous with the word “drone”. Of course , any aircraft design can be a drone, as long because it’s unmanned and has some degree of autonomy. We have drone micro helicopters, drone airplanes and regarding course multirotors that aren’t quadcopters.

The hexacopter will be a perfect example associated with this. Yes,   it’s basically the quadcopter with two added props,   but with a massive effect on the performance plus feel of the rhyme. Hexacopters have a whole lot to supply, yet most people getting in to the leisure activity or even professional rhyme context seem to ignore them. So let’ t take a look at why exactly an individual would require a hexacopter in addition to what exactly makes it thus awesome.

Hexacopter vs Quadcopter: The Pros

Hexacopters have several concrete advantages over quadcopter, besides just looking awesome. Although they obviously carry a new price-premium over quadcopters inside the same size class, this is certainly outweighed in many make use of cases.

Lifting Power

  Two additional engines means 30% (ish) even more lift.   That could make all the particular difference when you are hoping to get a professional camera in the air. A hexacopter can get tons into the air that quadcopters only dream of.


Size-for-size,   hexacopters can reach much faster speeds than quadcopters.   This particular is a result regarding having more thrust, nevertheless it’s also thanks to better flight stability in addition to wind resistance. Which we’ ll get to next.


Unlike a quadcopter, with its four pillars of thrust,   a hexacopter has six rotors spaced 120 degrees apart.   This design makes it more stable. It’s like taking a table together with four legs and including two more. Much tougher to rock.

OK, might be that’s a dumb example, but hexacopters really carry out have much more balance, which makes them a new good choice at the software between prosumer and specialist camera drones.


  Having a couple of extra propellers and engines also allows hexacopters in order to fly at higher elevations than quadcopters.   This isn’t a thing that matters to most people, since modern quadcopters plus go pretty high previously, but in some use cases it makes all the difference.


Possibly   the most monster of killer hexacopter characteristics is the ability to land safely even if one rotor would have been to fail.   Exactly how is this possible? Well it helps to understand how quadcopters fly.

Together with a quad, the brake discs work in pairs to be able to cancel out one another’s torque. When all four rotors are spinning from the same speed the drone stays in position. Cause a speed imbalance in one pair and it will turn. So in case a motor fails about a quadcopter, you shed the ability to preserve stable flight. Inevitably this will decrease.

When a new motor fails on a hexacopter, the flight controller may use the remaining 5 to balance each other out and look after stable trip long enough for any secure landing. This is a great feature in drones that bring camera equipment worth even more than even their very own enormous price tags.

The Cons of Having a Hexacopter Over a Quadcopter

Of course,   there are usually some downsides to hexacopters too  . Nothing is perfect in the end. There’s likewise nothing wrong with quadcopters, and most of the time these people are the sensible choice during your search for a drone. Let’s appear at the main drawbacks of hexacopters.


  Hexacopters need lengthy arms to prevent stage sets fouling each other plus generally use up more space than quads inside a similar class.   This has several drawbacks as you can imagine. Folding designs like the numerous compact DJI quads are impractical. You can’t travel in the same filter spaces a quad could as well as for big drones transportation becomes awkward.


You can’t just slap a couple of more props on a new quad and call this a day. There’ t Hexacopters have a substantial price premium over quadcopters. After all, they have even more complex frames and flight controllers. You do however get yourself a significant performance enhance for your extra money. The next step up, octocopters, doesn’t provide the same bang for buck the hexacopter leap does. Thus they actually represent the decent price-performance compromise across the entire multirotor variety.

So, Who else Should Buy a Hexacopter?

Everyone! OK, We might be a little biased. The particular real answer is that it is dependent on your needs. Whenever we are speaking about nano- and mini- scale drones it’s worth buying a hexacopter just for fun. It’s something different and the flight performance is a real thrill.

If an individual are looking for your forthcoming digital camera drone or other expert drone system problem will become much more serious.

  The robustness and lower chance of a crash inherent to hexacopter design is an important fact to think about.   Think about what the expense of a crash would be plus weigh that up towards the extra money for a hexacopter. If it is cheaper to buy the hexacopter than it is to replace the quadcopter and equipment you’ll shed in a crash, an individual should probably go with the six-rotor option.

If you need to take flight in choppy conditions or lift heavy loads, a hexacopter should be a starting point. Only the most intense use cases need a great octocopter. Don’t go for those complex, expensive and bulky solutions if you possibly could still get away with a high-end hexacopter.

Finally, if you actually need cinematic-level photos with flawless stability plus high-speed camera movement after that you are squarely within hexacopter territory.

That’s adequate talking about hexacopters, not necessarily let’s actually look in some of the finest examples.

Greatest Hexacopter for the Funds: Yuneec Hurricane H

Yuneec has now set up itself as one associated with the big professional jingle brands. They went coming from being basically unknown in order to a real rival to the likes of DJI, in what seems to be a good overnight rise.

The Typhoon H is really a top illustration of the company’s drone range. A class-leading specialist drone packed with features and sporting a cost to complement. Well, actually it’s priced to compete along with quadcopters such as the Phantom four from DJI. Which can make it a bit of a bargain.

The very first thing you are going to probably want to know is if it has redundancy. Indeed, if one of the six props stops working for some reason your jingle and camera will probably be merely fine.

The Yuneec actually has more inside common with high-end consumer quads than it really does with professional hexacopters. Generally because   it’s designed as a great integrated unit, with a good OEM camera.   You won’t become using this drone to be able to hoist a third-party specialist camera, in other words.

Being a camera drone, youre buying amazing options and features. The Typhoon provides   retracting landing gear  as an Inspire. However, it’s a much more stable platform as compared to a quad of similar cost. To top that off,   the gimbal that holds the 4K camera can make 360-degrees,   making shots possible that will are simple not with additional drones.

While you can possess two operators each working either flight or digital camera duty, the Typhoon has   a new number of autonomous modes  that create it perfectly feasible to function it alone. You are able to arranged the drone into one regarding several flight patterns plus then concentrate on having the shots you need.

The camera isn’t cinematic grade, but more than good enough for several professional work and absolutely good enough for beginners.   Flight endurance is estimated around 25 minutes and the full recharge takes concerning two hours,   which can be on the particular long side.

You will find 2 optional extras that also make this drone shine. One is   a special carry bag that neatly fits the drone in their folded-down mode.   The other is the   “Wizard” remote  that lets one person pilot plus the other use typically the main remote to job the camera.   The best function is however the monitoring mode.   Whoever has the Wizard will be accompanied by the particular Typhoon. There are a lot tasks to point out there, such as the sophisticated obstacle avoidance and sophisticated software, but that’s almost all I possess space for. Suffice it to say the Typhoon should be on your shortlist in this specific price class.

DJI Spreading Wings nine hundred


– Check Price at DJI –

The particular venerable S900 Spreading Wings from DJI is just about the most direct competitor to the Storm H. It’s generally the little cheaper, but this doesn’t look nearly since nice and put together. Inside fact, the design regarding the S900 looks the little rushed if you ask me.

Don’t let its industrial looks trick you though. The S900 has impressive specs beneath the hood and is still well worth typically the asking price.   The drone works with Zenmuse gimbals and of course the matching Zenmuse cameras  . The camera is sold separately, therefore you can choose which often one suits your use case the best.

The S900 does fold down in addition to weighs almost no. It’s also pretty beefy, with a new   maximum takeoff weight approximately 8KGs.   A person get up to   18 mins of flight on a full charge  and the assurance of which the motors and frame have been brutally analyzed for reliability.   The S900 is usually famous for its tethered tests that ran the particular motors for 72 several hours straight with no issues.   A fresh real workhorse. Just be sure that you simply check which parts are included inside the bundle you’re considering. Including the camera, all of that and any accessories. Actually the barebones kits usually are already pretty pricey plus one wants to stay away from the shock of recognizing you’ve just shelled away a fortune for something which isn’t ready to travel from the box.

DJI Matrice 600 Pro

The Matrice Pro provides a relatively huge inquiring price compared to typically the Typhoon H and S900. This hexacopter is squarely in the professional arena. You can buy a significant applied car for the price of a Matrice Professional before you purchase a camera for it.

They have   an optimum takeoff weight of fifteen. 5KG and unloaded it weighs 10KG.   That means a payload of roughly a few. 5KG. It   can resist wind gusts of up to 8 meters per second plus will hit 40mph (65 kph) if things are not too breezy.  

The Matrice supports a large range of gimbals and cameras. This means that you can commence off with a lot more affordable camera for the jingle and then get truly professional gear later when your budget allows. Since cameras like the RED LEGENDARY are supported, we are talking about a rather large piggy bank.

Depending about the payload, the Matrice has some of the best airline flight endurance numbers in the commercial. Along with a light load and the larger battery options, a new near   40 minutes flight  is possible. In case you’re making use of the Ronin MX gimbal and RED IMPRESSIVE camera that drops in order to a still-respectable 15 minutes. This specific is the real package when it comes to professional camera drones. If you’re doing work for a film studio or high-end creation crew, this should become near the top of your list.

Best Hexacopter for Beginners: COOCHEER MJX X800

Its not all hexacopter has to be a big, expensive camera jingle. A toy-grade hexacopter will certainly generally blow your quadcopter out of the skies in terms of large flying pleasure. Although they will still be more costly as compared to a toy quadcopter, only at that scale the absolute expense difference is negligible.

The MJX 800 will be   the medium-sized hexacopter  that gets recommended a new lot. There’s a very good reason for that, given that by most accounts this thing is a blast in order to fly. It’s also good for those just starting out along with any sort of multirotor, due to addition of prop guards all round.

  The MJX may do some powerful automated rolls in basically any direction.   Plenty of toy quads offer this as properly, but if you watch a movie of this drone the particular rolls look more robust in addition to stable.

I also just like the motion mode where you can switch the controller to move the jingle according to how an individual move and rotate the particular entire controller. It’s quite intuitive and having typically the option is a nice add-on.

  Flight times are OK at about 8 minutes, with recharges happening via USB.   While that’ h rather slow, you may also just buy a few extra batteries. It’ h an all round enjoyment drone and you can even buy an recommended extra camera, although their probably not worth this.

33. 333% Better

When you are looking with regard to bang for your money, these are 6 of the finest hexacopters right now.

I’ll confess that you of the main reasons I even care about hexacopters is based on how striking and cool they are. Now that will everyone and their canine has a quadcopter stashed away somewhere it seems good to whip out anything bigger.   The advantages of hexacopters are hard to deny and as they may become more popular, they should also fall in price.   That can only be a very good thing, since (if an individual need reminding) hexacopters principle!

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