First Aid; Shock

is when adequate blood and oxygen are provided to all cells in diff. tissues and organs in the body.

occurs when the body tissues do not receive enough oxygen rich blood. (Note: do not confuse this w/ electric shock or being shocked, as in being scared or surprised) Shock (hypoperfusion) describes a state of collapse and failure of the cardiovascular system which blood circulation decreases and eventually ceases. Shock can be associated with wide conditions- from heart attack to severe allergic reation

causes of shock
damaged caused by shock depends on which body part is deprived of oxygen and for how long. Ex. without oxygen, the brain will irreparably damaged in 4-6 minutes, the abdominal organs in 45-90 mins. and the skin and muscle cells in 3-6 hrs. To understand shock, think of the circulatory system as having three components: a working pump (the heart), a network of pipes (the blood vessels), and an adequate amount of fluid (blood), pumped through the pipes. damage to any of these components can deprive tissues of blood and produce conditions known as shock. These three parts can be referred to as the per-fusion triangle. When a victim is in shock, one or more of the three sides are not working properly.