Exam 2 practice questions

1. While assessing a client in the emergency department, the nurse identifies that the client has been raped. Which health care team member should the nurse collaborate with when planning this client’s care?

a. Pastoral care
b. Case manager
c. Forensic nurse examiner
d. Law enforcement


2. On admission to the emergency department, a client states that he feels like killing himself. When planning this client’s care, it is most important for the nurse to coordinate with which member of the health care team?

a. Case manager
b. Forensic nurse examiner
c. Law enforcement
d. Psychiatric crisis nurse


3. The emergency department team is performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a client when the client’s spouse arrives at the emergency department. What should the nurse do next?

a. Request that the client’s spouse sit in the waiting room.
b. Ask the spouse if he wishes to be present during the resuscitation.
c. Suggest that the spouse begin to pray for the client.
d. Refer the client’s spouse to the hospital’s crisis team.