Emergency Cart Drugs


*Tx for anaphylactic shock


*Increase glycogenolysis and the release of glucose from the liver

*Affects adrenergic responses

*Can stop epistaxis

*Drug commonly used for initial tx of cardiac arrest

*Should not be used I/T if heart is still beating

*Stimulates heart contractions and blood flow to vital organs

*Most often refrigerated and away form light

*Stimulates the myocardium

*Used in cpr, shock therapy, and acute renal failure

*Monitor BP closely, monitor for arrhythmias, dyspnea, anxiety, excitability, and nausea

*Administered by a carefully monitored CRI(constant rate infusion)

Sodium Bicarbonate
*Corrects metabolic acidosis

*alkalizing agent

Useful In:


*seve D+

*cardiac dz


*cardiac arrest present for more than 10 minutes