Ehang Might Finally Have Cracked the “Flying Car” Problem

In late the sci-fi classic Back to the Future (which provides a small shrine inside my apartment), Doc Dark brown arrives in a Delorean rigged to fly using the immortal quip “Roads? Where we’re going we seldom need roads. ”

Soaring cars have been a new major feature of upcoming visions for more than a millennium. When a group regarding artists were asked to be able to draw the year 2150 personal flying machines featured prominently.

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Blade Runner, the 6th Element, Star Wars in addition to countless other Sci-Fi movies have shown us a new where the average individual hops into their flying machine and then flits away from to work like it’s nothing.

There have also been multiple attempts at producing “flying cars”, which are usually usually pretty bad at being either cars or aircraft. Famous examples include typically the Moller Skycar and the Terrafugia Transition .

The consensus however, seems to be of which flying cars are basically impractical, dangerous and method too expensive. The factor is, maybe we’ve already been going about it the particular wrong way.

Your Ehang 184

A Chinese organization by the name regarding Ehang features a traveling drone known as the Ehang 184. It’s an octocopter big enough to carry 210 KG of living passenger and is the nearest thing we have to be able to the sci-fi vision regarding a flying car.

In writing the Ehang solves a pair of the flying car’s greatest problems:

  • Piloting abilities
  • Traffic Control

It’s an autonomous, computer-controlled personal air vehicle. You do not have to learn anything concerning flying at all. Simply punch in where an individual want to look and typically the drone does the rest. In fact , the version that will does not require a pilot’s licence doesn’t even have any kind of manual controls!

Ehang has completed over 1000 test flight of the prototypes, even in very nasty weather. In a clip the craft is holding its own in typhoon-grade winds. Ehang has designed typically the 184 with full redundancy. Every flight product is doubled, which means any failure can be recovered for a safe landing. Ought to anything go wrong the art is designed to instantly ground itself in the safe landing spot simply as current camera drones do

Landing zones usually are currently marked having an Ehang logo which tells the particular craft where it should property. Very similar to Amazon online Prime Air.

Seeing is usually Assuming

The Ehang 184 sounds amazing on papers, but of course impartial testing and actual execution are going to lastly tell us if this is the solution that kicks away from personal air transportation regarding the masses.

It’s very compelling however. Have got the look at this recent company video detailing their manned flight tests:


In principle we already have this technology at small scale, so the claims of Ehang are not of which far fetched.

These air flow taxis are already slated for use in China and one imagines the city may help them develop an acceptable automated air flow traffic control system for use in urban places. I for one is incredibly thrilled, but we still possess to wait and find out whenever it comes to selection, price and performance.

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