Dutch Police use Eagles to Take Out Drones

Rogue drones are turning into an issue for authorities inside many countries. A few measures to intercept them have been tested, with the Dutch police force choosing for a rather unconventional one. It involves using one of nature’ s many famous flying predators: silver eagles.

The Nederlander police started training silver eagles who can bring lower drones back in 2015 and they’ re right now ready to be used. Authorities in the Holland have been working together with security company Guard From Above to find a good way regarding bringing down unwanted drones. Various methods were examined, including using drones that will deploy nets to capture the rogue ones. The particular tests quickly showed that from all methods used, eagles provided the most cost-effective solution.

Eagles see drones that fly around as food and can be trained to intercept them. There are already quite a number of videos posted online showing the birds attacking drones as they fly. With the testing phase now above, the first trained silver eagles will be ready to be deployed. Regarding the time being, Guard From Above will offer the natural predators. Typically the Dutch police are anticipated to have their personal eagles soon.

Drones flying into not allowed airspace, such as typically the area around airports, are a growing concern due in order to their potential for causing accidents if they collide together with aircraft. Rogue drones may possibly also be used in order to take unauthorized video of restricted areas, such because military bases. Criminal companies have already been using drones to smuggle small packets associated with contraband around borders or into prisons.

Drone finder eagles can quickly end up being deployed to some area of which they’ re needed plus are highly effective from spotting and intercepting rebel drones. With the Dutch experiments showcasing their benefits, it is likely that other countries close to the world begins using birds of prey in order to go after drones straying into forbidden areas.