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You understand, just as you consider you’ve picked out the particular best possible product within the range, they always created some just a small better. The XXL version or the Gold Release. That seems to be what we have here inside the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum .

Or even is it?

Typically the Pro Platinum contains a gleaming new paint job, nevertheless is this new design any different or simply the same kind of Mavic with the new look?

Typically the Mavic Pro American platinum eagle

The Mavic would not look out of put in place a movie established 20 years in the future, it’s that good.

The Mavic Pro Platinum is a compact camera drone from the drone juggernaut DJI. The new compact, foldable camera drone equipped with some associated with the most advanced technology DJI has developed above the course of its many drone models.

Typically the Mavic Pro Platinum will be a rather distinctive-looking equipment and doesn’t resemble virtually any of the other models from DJI or actually anything else on typically the market. The most striking piece of the design and style (other compared to folding arms) is the clear protective bubble that surrounds typically the camera and gimbal assembly.

This is a rhyme that can be designed from typically the ground up to end up being compact and portable. You can fold it up in addition to throw it in your backpack in ways that’s simply impossible with something such as the DJI Phantom.

This is probably the reason why the Mavic Pro American platinum eagle has so many curved corners and smooth surfaces, so that you have no to worry about it catching on things or resiting when you try to move or store this.

One positive side effect of this (at minimum inside my opinion) is of which both the Mavic Professional Platinum and the non-platinum Mavic Pro are two of the coolest looking drones you can aquire.

The Mavic would not look out associated with place in a movie set 20 years in the particular future, it’s that very good.

Mavic Pro versus Mavic Pro American platinum eagle

the real target was the one thing that jingle consumers really want: lengthier flight times.

The Mavic Pro Platinum carries concerning a $100 premium more than the standard Mavic Pro. When we’re talking concerning drones that cost inside excess of $1000 honestly, that is not a huge variation, however you still want to be able to get value for your current money. Just how do DJI justify the slightly-higher value tag?

While there may be a few small tweaks in some places with this model regarding DJI Mavic, the topic differences between this and the original reduce in order to how quiet the Platinum eagle is, how far it may fly and of course how much it charges.

Other than that this particular it sports a gleaming silver look and propellers that are visibly various to those found upon the standard Mavic Professional. In all other regards it’ s virtually the same machine we already know and love. Let’s get a little deeper directly into those differences, shall we?

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Exactly how Quiet Is It?

DJI claims to have reduced the noises made by the Mavic Pro by 60 % within this platinum edition.

Before you decide to ask, no it is not the silver paint that did the trick. Instead these people redesigned the props in addition to upgraded the electronic velocity controllers to accomplish this dramatic effect.

How did they determine this 60 percent decrease?

It was taken in the house, one meter away from the machine. That’s in fact very impressive, but it may be not like modern drones are very noisy to begin with. It may be up to each individual to decide if they think that halving the particular noise level of a new drone at one meter may be worth the extra money, but sound volumes drop of quickly as distance increases.

Moreover, if you’re outside ambient sound will quickly equalize typically the noise differences as songs that are louder than either Mavics drown them out.

Therefore basically this is beneficial for close-range indoor filming or if you want to film although hovering just outside someone’s window without having to be detected. Yet who would want that other than the CIA or FBI? I’m convinced they roll their own drones anyway.

How Much Have Flight Occasions Improved?

Honestly, We think the noise lowering was just a happy accident which the DJI marketing department has pounced on with glee. Simply no, the real target was typically the one thing that drone consumers really want: extended flight times.

In this DJI have succeeded.

Whereas the regular Mavic Pro sports the (very respectable) 27 second flight time, DJI promises a full 30 mins for your Platinum. It seems modest, but that’s a good 11 percent improvement. Caps off to DJI for what must have already been a difficult engineering activity.

Is the fact improvement worth typically the $100? That depends about what you occurs rhyme for. Some people actually need that extra flight period, for everyone else, well they might as well save the money.


A very important factor that will has not improved compared to the standard Mavic is the particular control range. Both versions are rated for the maximum range of 7 kms. Given that this is certainly this kind of a dinky and lightweight professional drone it’s not necessarily a number to be sniffed at and there really was no basis for DJI to improve things right here. Most users are not really going to demand a control range anywhere near that.

The Ocusync technologies that ensures HD streaming over such a long distance is continue to highly impressive and remains one of the outstanding features in the Mavic range. Obviously it’s furthermore compatible with the wonderful DJI Goggles.

Flight Brains

As I’ve come to expect from DJI, they’ve built quite a new bit of autonomous flight smarts into the Mavic and it’s all nevertheless present and correct inside the Pro Platinum. Within other words, the American platinum eagle is no smarter compared to the regular Mavic Professional, but no less than it’s no dumber.

The drone provides a suite of sensors that tell it just how far away the ground is and if any kind of objects are within 15 meters than it. This enables it to fly degree relative to the floor and automatically avoid hurdles. DJI says that that can safely avoid crashing into stuff at upwards to 22 miles per hour, which is 36 kms hourly. Good news if you’re not fabulously prosperous.

More good news is that DJI have taken the leaf from the aeronautical big boys and have got equipped the Mavic together with redundant sensor systems within case something fails. Your current Mavic should automatically switch over to the back up and permit you to securely land in order that it can proceed in for repairs.

It’s a far cry from your early days exactly where people would crash their own Phantoms into walls minutes after unboxing them.



The controller that comes with the Mavic is also a similar device you get with the standard model. It carries on the entire design philosophy associated with the drone which centers on portability.

As far as professional-grade drone controllers go this one is incredibly small and whenever not in use folds up just like the Mavic itself. Which includes the case for your phone, which usually acts as the FPV receiver.

You can likewise control the Mavic just using your phone, which usually is actually quite practical given how much flight autonomy the drone offers. Making use of the actual remote with a phone gives a person more options however in addition to that’s what I’d advise. After all, if you have space to pack the actual drone, then surely you have space for its dinky controller?

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The Camera


The Mavic Pro line makes use of a new camera with a local 4K sensor. It could shoot 4K video at 30 frames per second. The camera is matched with a number of smart technologies meant in order to help you take very good footage or pictures with out needing an ardent camera operator. Basically it has a number associated with machine vision abilities that will lets the drone recognize the subject of the shot and then retain it in frame while you work the sticks.

In trace mode the drone will lead or follow a specific issue. Profile mode keeps the Mavic by the aspect of the subject, providing you a profile chance. Spotlight mode lets you fly around while the particular camera stays locked onto the subject.

There’s additionally a gesture mode, which we’re seeing more of plus is a core function of the controller-less DJI Spark . It lets you consider easy selfies by using hand gestures.

There’s also an inside photography mode DJI have dubbed “tripod mode”. Basically the drone is super slow and ultra steady. Although I have in order to wonder how small the particular space has to become for this to be required and then why a person wouldn’ t just make use of an actual tripod.

I have to say something special in the gimbal as nicely. DJI says that presently there is no digital image stabilization at work in this article. So all of the sensor is utilized to capture actual footage and not with regard to stabilization redundancy.

Electric battery

The Platinum edition uses the exact same DJI intelligent flight batteries that will the regular Mavic will. They are totally interchangeable. These batteries are quite pricey at about 90 bucks a pop. They are pretty beefy although at 3850 mAh.

Size and Weight


Aside from just about all the performance specifications, a significant selling point of the particular Mavic Pro line is how compact it is usually. When it’s folded up the particular whole thing measures regarding 83x83x198 millimeters. Folded away the drone measures a new little short of 400mm diagonally, without the props it’s 335mm. There’s zero arguing that this will be a small machine.

In order to compare, the ultra-compact Spark measures 170mm diagonally with no props fitted. That almost exactly half of the span.

The Motivate 2 actions in at 605mm, therefore the Mavic is nearly precisely halfway between those a couple of extremes. If it weren’t for its folding capacity the Mavic would almost be too big, yet at a weight of 750-ish grams along with individuals folded proportions I can’t think of another 4K drone that’s this luggable.

The Fly A lot more Combo

For a great extra $200 you could get the “Fly More” combo which includes the battery charging hub, 2 extra batteries, an automobile charger, a battery in order to power bank adapter, a good extra prop set plus a shoulder bag.

Given that just two batteries will run you a bill of $180 it is actually an incredibly great buy and if you usually are going to go regarding the Platinum the fly more combo makes the lot of sense.

The Verdict

Boy has DJI made this specific a tough call. I possess a really hard moment figuring out who precisely the Mavic Pro Platinum is actually for. The particular performance differences between common Pro and this 1 are so slight of which I’m not convinced they are worth $100 a lot more money. Yes, the noises reduction seems dramatic, yet as I said previously mentioned it’s not as in case the regular Mavic is usually deafening and I seldom see it making a lot difference in practical daily settings.

Make no blunder, the Platinum Mavic is clearly a better jingle than the standard a single, but I obtain the feeling that these are the finishing touches that DJI wishes had been within the original Mavic, but had to abandon to get to market.

The particular improvements are so limited that anyone that owns a Mavic Pro already would be crazy to “upgrade” and if you’re looking for a new drone, you’d really need a specific employ case for less noises and three minutes of extra flight time.

Actually, if the Platinum was not painted in the unique silver livery, I might be more willing to purchase it. I’m typically the type of person who like to know that I have bought the very best model of something, even if it’s disproportionately expensive. That’s exactly why I have an ipad tablet Pro instead of a great iPad Air. The difference is that no one but me can explain to that I overspent on a fancy tablet, whilst the silver paint within the Platinum might as properly be a scarlet notice advertising stupidity for the whole world.

So in summary: go buy the regular Mavic Pro. It’s great.

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