Best VR Drone 2019 [7 Outstanding Drones with VR Headsets]


  • The Best Headset regarding DJI Owners: The DJI Goggles
  • Best Overall FPV/VR Drone: DJI Mavic Pro
  • The Best VR Drone Digital camera Combo: DJI Phantom 4 PRO
  • Best All-On-One FPV/VR Drone Solution: The Parrot Bebop 2 FPV
  • Finest Upgradeable VR Drone: The DJI Spark
  • Best Traditional FPV Kit: The Ehang Ghostdrone second . 0 VR Jingle
  • The most effective Budget VR Jingle Bundle: Sky Viper V2400 HD
  • The Best Cheap Thrills: Goolsky MJX Bugs 6
  • VR Drones Inside the Hot Seats

Virtual reality is really a white-hot buzzword right today, with immersive head-mounted shows that may take you to a whole other planet.

The rise of VR has also had a good influence on the world of drones. Specifically the ability of FPV or “first-person view” flying. We’ve had simple video clip goggles for years today, but modern FPV equipment is beginning to discuss significant aspects of VR headset technology. Also, seldom forget that cameras that will capture VR content, 360 degrees videos, are becoming common.

Even if you are not using that sort regarding camera equipment, gimbals are actually also pretty much standard on camera drones and it’s really only in the drone racing globe where FPV with repaired cameras is the main style.

  Let’s look from the top VR drones for next-generation VR-inspired FPV and the hardware that drives them.  

Brief promptly? We put together this listing of the best choices:

VR Jingle Model Value Our Report Flight Moment Camera Range
DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter
Best Value
twenty one min thirty-two MP sphere panorama Up to 4 kilometres
Bird Bebop 2
Greatest Budget Drone for VR
25 minutes 14 MP 300 mirielle
Mavic 2 Goggles Combo
Greatest Pro Choice
31 min 20 MP 1″ CMOS Sensor Around 8 km
Phantom 4 EXPERT Goggles combo 30 min 20 MP 1″ CMOS Sensor several km

The Best Head-set for DJI Owners: The DJI Glasses

DJI FPV VR Goggles

Actually, just before we get for the VR drones themselves I’d like to highlight the newest DJI drone VR eye protection for two reasons.

Regarding one thing, they’re compatible with the Mavic Expert and both the Phantom and Inspire product series. Based on the specific drone these google support mind tracking, full 360-degree video and both 720p/60fps plus 1080p/30fps streaming based on the variety.

The latency is usually also incredibly good given how far the video signals need to be transmitted within the round-trip. DJI says the latency is a new blistering 110 ms.

The design of the DJI Goggles have also plainly taken inspiration from present VR devices such since the Oculus Rift plus Sony Playstation VR. Inside particular the DJI goggles have a flip-up characteristic taken straight from the particular Playstation VR, which let us you quickly get a bearing of your surroundings.

The DJI Goggles also support a number of 3rd-party transmission sources, yet I suggest ensuring this works with the gear you want to use before committing to it.

Finest Overall FPV/VR Drone: DJI Mavic Expert

Dji Mavic Pro foldable drone

  I think without a doubt typically the combination of the DJI Mavic and the DJI Goggles provides one of the most advanced FPV experiences today.  

The Mavic is the compact yet fairly expensive drone made by DJI has 4K video, a 3-axis gimbal and 28 minutes of flight period. At least, that’s the particular claim. In reality you are going to probably get a little less than that within real world conditions.

The Mavic Pro is not a new big drone, which is sort of the level. For instance, the Mavic Pro folds up for easy transfer and it’s an multiple design with the digicam and gimbal encapsulated within a clear housing.

The hottest aspect is directly controlling the gimbal with simply the motion of your brain while wearing the VR headset. It’s an almost-instant 1: 1 movement from the camera with your mind, meaning that you can right now easily control the digicam and the flight regulates at the same time. That’s a big edge over the traditional method where one person becomes the shot even though the other flies.

While it’s not since fast and robust because a DJI Phantom, typically the Mavic beautifully walks the queue between a professional drone and another for mainstream buyers.

The Best VR Drone Camera Combo: DJI Phantom four PRO

DJI Phantom 4 PRO for VR Goggles

We think most people want to try FPV/VR flying to experience flight in a lot more personal way. The new very different experience to observing a screen on your controller and most regarding us will never get the chance to sit within the cockpit of a new real aircraft. A minimum of not necessarily more than once or twice.

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a genuine advantage to VR flight for individuals who are interested in making great clips for professional use.

With regard to one thing, when a person wear VR goggles a person don’t have to get worried about your LCD becoming invisible in bright outdoor light. Yes, shade visors help, but LCD shows just don’t fare well in the outdoors.

Secondly, by using head tracking to manage the camera gimbal, you can eliminate the require for a second individual to split the camera and piloting duties. So head-tracked VR is regarding more than just being cool.

This means that sometimes you’ll really want a great photographic platform and that is where the Phantom 4 Pro from DJI comes directly into play.

  This drone is just about the greatest photography drone before all of us get to the large industrial units that could carry SLRs and other custom camera equipment.  

With an a single inch Sony EXMOR 20 megapixel sensor and upwards to 30 minutes of trip time it’s hard in order to think of a much better machine for the funds.

You have a 7 kilometer range, plenty of intelligent flight characteristics such as obstacle diagnosis and the ability to take 4K footage in 60 FPS.

In case you want to become an one -person photography monster, this is the way to go unless a person have the sort of cash to stump on with the particular Inspire or better, but for most people the particular sweet spot is correct here.

Best All-On-One FPV/VR Drone Solution: The Parrot Bebop 2 FPV

You’d end up being forgiven in thinking that Parrot is no extended around. The company started out right at quick the camera drone revolution with the original AR Drone, but since and then has been fairly low key as the like associated with DJI get all the particular attention.

Make no mistake however , Parrot is continue to making some great consumer drones and if you desire something that will just workout of the box after that this Bebop 2 FPV is pretty difficult to beat.

In the box you are going to find the Bebop alone, the Parrot Cockpitglasses in addition to the Parrot Sky Control mechanism 2. They’re all made to look like a set and it’s a very futuristic design total. The Bebop 2 may shoot 1080p videos or perhaps 14 megapixel photos.

There’s not gimbal, yet you do get 3-axis digital stabilisation which winds up looking pretty good for amateur footage.

The Cockpitglasses don’t contain any video hardware, but need your own smartphone and the appropriate app to work. You slip the phone into the circumstance and then the movie is beamed there via wireless transmission.

  While this is no Mavic Pro, the Bebop 2 provides an excellent 25 second flight time, is small and doesn’t weigh much at all. It’s fairly much the perfect playground flyer for those who else want a decent rhyme, but don’t want to splurge on the FPV components.  

Thanks in order to the Skycontroller 2the Bebop can fly out up to about 1. 9 miles, which is OK but not really a platform for urban exploration.

Finest Upgradeable VR Drone: The DJI Spark

DJI Spark for VR Goggles FPV

The Spark will be a revolutionary new mini-drone from DJI that people very liked, but there is a new lot of misinformation when it comes to the FPV abilities of the little wonder.

One big question has already been whether it might work along with DJI’s premier VR/FPV Eye protection. On the DJI internet site itself the company has confirmed that compatibility along with the DJI Goggles is coming “soon”, but a lot of YouTubers have demonstrated of which the latest update is usually fairly compatible with typically the Goggles, it’s just not officially sanctioned yet.

The great thing about typically the Spark is that it’s affordable, but has a few pretty good specifications.

One of the method DJI have kept the cost down is by now including a committed radio in the regular retail package. In this specific case you mainly make use of the automated flight features or take control making use of the DJI app.

Within order to use VR with the DJI Goggles you need to buy the dedicated radio too. This means you can build your own drone experience in components and still have something to fly at the same time.

Buy the Spark now and revel in one of the best small drones on the market in addition to when you have a lot more money, however the radio plus goggles. Easy terms without a doubt.

Finest Traditional FPV Kit: The particular Ehang Ghostdrone 2. 0 VR Rhyme

All this VR malarky provides made traditional FPV goggles a little unfashionable. Which often is why I had been astonished that Ehang sells this particular kit with a couple of goggles that very much look like old-school FPV goggles. Those twin mushroom antenna blisters certainly are a dead giveaway.

Despite looking like old-school FPV gear, these goggles actually have head-tracking included in them and shifting your face will also function the gimbal, turning typically the cameralong its axes. The video transmission variety is a little short nevertheless , limited to regarding half a mile or perhaps about 800 meters.

  On the other hand, the Ehang shoots 4K video, has self-tightening upside down brushless motors regarding better stability and may fly for up in order to 25 minutes, which places it in the same class as more pricey drones. Overall as the FPV kit this is quite compelling.  

The only factor to keep in mind is that most of the intelligent flight features require a smart gadget to work and an individual need to buy either the Android or iOS version of the kit. With regard to some reason Ehang has not made it so an individual can switch between Apple company and everyone else.

The Best Budget VR Drone Bundle: Sky Viper V2400 HD

Not too lengthy ago the only approach that you were going to have got any sort of first-person flying experience was in order to spend a small mountain of money. You can now obtain a basic FPV experience for chump change as well as the Sky Viper is the particular perfect example of that.

How exactly does it accomplish this feat? By stealing an idea from the particular mobile VR industry. You’ve certainly seen those VR goggles where you slide your phone into a head-mounted case and after that knowledge a basic VR application. This uses that same principle, but instead associated with a VR roller coaster or something similar, youre looking at the survive feed from your jingle.

So saying that this particular FPV drone is affordable comes with the caveat that you already want to use a compatible mobile phone, otherwise it won’t create any sense.

The Atmosphere Viper has its own pretty sophisticated features to get a budget drone. It has 720p buffering, which can also become recorded to an (optional) SD card. Surprisingly there are also some clever flight features too, which often includes auto launch, float and landing.

Also, as an added bonus, this seems you can use the headsets as a standard cellular VR unit when not traveling.

The Best Low-cost Thrills: Goolsky MJX Insects 6

Yeah, I’ve never observed of Goolsky either, nevertheless reading over the specifications for this drone you’d be forgiven for expecting this to be higher up typically the price range.

With regard to your money you acquire a drone with fast brushless motors, an ardent four. 3” LCD display along with receiver and a pair of goggles to put it in. Alternatively a person can mount the display on the included stereo, so it’s the best of both worlds.

This particular drone is not really about the particular camera quality, so don’t expect the 720p note of unit to blow an individual away. This is concerning high speed flight in addition to owners of this jingle wax lyrical about its responsiveness and speed, which promises a thrilling FPV experience.

The tradeoff regarding course is that the batteries will be empty in about 10 mins if you push this, but on the upside you’ll be blowing earlier slower drones trying to be able to take just one more aerial photograph of some poor sod’s house.

You should be warned that if this is your first brushless performance drone (and it could be! ) you may be astonished by its sensitivity in addition to park it nose-first inside the ground. Otherwise it appears like a fantastic FPV gadget for those who aren’t mainly worried about video clip or photo quality.

VR Drones In the Hot Seats

Bear in mind to examine out our article about FPV Goggles as well. As you can see, the age of the VR rhyme is finally here with regard to everyone. What was once a luxury for the specialists is now an experience you can get even in the budget drone segment.

I actually think they are some regarding the best examples today, but clearly there’s no place to look but up coming from here!

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