ATI Ambulation, Transferring, and Range of Motion

A nurse is performing a physical assessment on a patient and instructs the patient to stand with his feet and arms at his sides. The purpose of positioning the patient in this manner is to test what?
-This maneuver, the Romberg test, assesses balance. The nurse watches for swaying and stands near the patient to protect him from falling.

A nurse is about to transfer a patient who has a weak left leg to a chair. Which action should the nurse take to demonstrate correct transfer technique?
Aligning the nurse’s knees with the patient’s knees just before the transfer.
-This is a correct strategy that helps the nurse safely stabilize the patient while moving to a standing position.

A nurse is observing an assistive personnel (AP) who is using a mechanical lift with a hammock sling to transfer a patient from the bed to a chair. The nurse should intervene if the AP…
leaves the bed in the lowest position throughout the procedure.
-The bed should be raised to its highest position in order to prevent injury to nursing staff and to properly position the lift under the patient’s bed.