Amazon doing Delivery Drone Testing in Canada


  • The Reasons for This Decision
  • The start of a Delivery-by-Drone System?
  • How come the US Government Taking So Long?

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A secret site within Britich columbia is being used by simply Amazon for extensive screening of delivery drones, The Guardian noted . The business has declined to provide additional information concerning the location but according to some sources, these are usually taking place only 2, 500 feet away from typically the border between Canada in addition to the US.

The reason why for This Decision

Amazon announced several times that it will commence its delivery drone tests in a foreign country, if the US Federal Government continued making no progress in terms of moving unmanned aircraft regulations.

The aim associated with the Amazon tests will be to figure out whether a particular part of the airspace can be utilized for jingle deliveries. This space will be located at a height starting from 200 ft and continuing up to 500 feet. A level above 500 feet will be considered standard aviation area, which is why Amazon online has chosen the particular slice of air area for its tests.

The Beginning of a new Delivery-by-Drone System?

Protector reported that its team has been invited in order to a previous undisclosed Amazon online location in Canada wherever outdoor drone testing provides been happening.

The Amazon team apparently consists of software engineers, robotics experts, aeronautics professionals and even former NASA (NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION) employees. The goal regarding this team is to be able to figure out whether typically the creation of a delivery-by-drone system is an affordable alternative in the near long term.

Canadian federal government is having a much more easygoing attitude towards the testing of unmanned aircraft, which is one of the main reasons why Amazon offers allegedly taken its analysis abroad. This is the particular first step towards launch of Amazon’s new Prime Air delivery option.

Why is the US Government Taking So Extended?

The approval method for the commercial use of drones in the particular US will have to be able to pass through several phases before it becomes an undeniable fact.

Recently, the Federal Aviators Administration (FAA) announced that Amazon may operate its unmanned aircraft if the company consented to follow a set of very strict requirements. There were also regulations with regards to the type of drone that Amazon could make use of. This permission, however, had been provided only after the particular particular drone model experienced been labeled obsolete by simply Amazon.

Canadian government, on the other hand, needed only about three weeks to give the company its approval. Although the testing is a new wonderful first step towards commercial drone use, Amazon will still have to go a long approach. Only the future will explain to whether Prime Air will become reality and whether or not drones can get the bulk commercial acceptance that the potential of the technologies deserves.