acute pulmonary edema

acute pulmonary episode
– acute, rapid
– caused by decrease of ability of left ventricle to pump
– pathophys is same as congestive heart failure (altho a lot of people don’t have congestion)
– easier to prevent than treat

patho of acute pulmonary episode
1. something happens early to knock out that pump in the left ventricle – QUICKLY
– acute MI
– longstanding HTN – un-dx’ed
– valvular disease, esp. aortic stenosis – left ventricle has to pump blood thru here and you’re making it work RILLY hard because it’s harder and harder to get blood thru smaller and smaller hole…
– rapid arrhythmias – drop CO
– anything cardiotoxic

anatomy behind acute pulmonary edema
1. left ventricle is failed for some reason, and this creates stasis in left atrium
2. now pulmonary veins start to increase pressure, and there is stasis here too
3. due to increasing hydrostatic pressure in pulmonary veins/capillaries and stasis of blood d/t backup… fluid begins to leak into alveoli (bcaus alveoli are surrounded by capillaries)
4. as fluid mixes with air and takes up alveoli, you have less gas exchange – hypoxia!